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Man floats television down river on a spa cover barge

We come across some pretty random things on the social networks, especially twitter, where people seem to always be battling with aggressive hot tub covers that smash them in the face, or dealing with storms where their cover blows off and crashes through the neighbor’s fence. But this is a first for us – check […]

Bullfrog spas wins award for round hot tub design

We’d like to congratulate Bullfrog Spas on their recent award for design. Many manufacturers stick with the tried and true wood paneling and fiberglass design but they have stepped it up with their high quality spas. Bullfrog Spas was recently honored with a 2012 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for product design excellence. The award […]

The lighter side of hot tubbing

Sometimes we come across some funny things having to do with hot tubs online. From random questions and answers, to videos, we see all sorts of great things that make us laugh. For example, there seem to be several people concerned about getting pregnant in the hot tub. Not that we promote promiscuous activity in […]

Choosing a spa cover by geographic region

We get orders for hot tub covers from all over the country. Depending on where you live, you might enjoy your hot tub in Los Angeles during the evening as the temperature cools, or in the afternoon in Oregon after a day of skiing. With so many different climates, conditions, and settings, it helps to […]

This week in social media

We find a lot of interesting posts related to hot tub covers in our social media channels. Some are funny, others are worrisome, and a whole bunch of them are random. There seems to be a running theme of animals on covers, injuries from opening or closing them, and storms that rip the things right […]

Understanding Foam Density and Thickness

cover thickness e

Two primary choices consumers make when buying a spa cover center around the thickness and foam density. In general, a thick foam core offers greater insulation, and a denser foam adds strength. Let’s simplify that one more time – thickness equals insulation, and density makes a cover stronger, able to withstand more weight on top […]

Gourmet cooking with a hot tub?

Are you familiar with “sous-vide” cooking? In French it means, “under pressure”, and it’s a popular way for fancy chefs to prepare food. It involves vacuum packing a piece of marinated meat  and submersing it in warm water. Usually you need an immersion circulator to keep the water moving around. However, if you own a […]

Cheap hot tub covers – Form or Function?

A Hot tub cover is a crucial piece of equipment that shields the spa from the outside elements while keeping the water in the perfect conditions for a good relaxing experience. You can find a good, cheap hot tub cover that keeps your water warm, and your electricity bills low. You ought to be aware […]