How do we make your hot tub cover?

We have been involved in manufacturing spa covers for over 20 years. Over the years we have learned what the most important aspects are that our customer’s expectations for a quality spa cover. Every cover we sell comes with the standard features listed below. Of course, you can always tailor your cover to your needs by selecting from our extra options on the ordering page. Between these standard features and the customization options, you can be sure you’re getting a cover that will exceed your expectations.

Standard Spa Cover Features

At Hot Tub Cover Depot, we bring years of experience in manufacturing durable, long-lasting covers that meet our customer's needs. Below you can find some of the main features that come standard with any cover.

High Quality Foam Cores

The foam core in hot tub covers is typically made from expanded polystyrene or EPS. EPS is a tough and rigid closed-cell foam. This is important as the closed-cell foam retards water absorption and helps the top to last as long as possible.

Mesh Under Liner

The liner is a key component of your cover because it's exposed to the steamy water much more than the vinyl top. Some manufacturers use a solid liner, which collects much more condensation. With a mesh underliner, the same processes of condensation occur, but only a single drop of water must collect before it can drip back down to the water. Much less bacteria will grow, and your cover last longer from less water collecting on the surfaces.

Heavy Duty Handles

You don't think much about handles until they tear off and aren't there as you struggle to lift your cover. Our covers come with four handles that are triple stitched for extra reinforcement, and fit flush into the side of your cover for a clean appearance.

Extra durable vinyl exterior

The vinyl exterior of your cover is key for keeping your cover protected from the elements. We use a 26 oz. Marine Grade (best for UV) vinyl that is resilient, mold-resistant, and thick enough to prevent cracking and splitting. Each cover is treated with a chlorine protective spray before shipping to make sure it arrives with maximum protection power.