Tips to ensure a long life for your new hot tub cover

You just purchased a new cover for your trusty hot tub, and now you’re wondering what you can do to prevent it from cracking, getting waterlogged, and otherwise falling apart. Well, there are some preventative measures you can take, and we’re happy to share some tips with you.

Don’t cover your unused hot tub

If your hot tub sits outside for extended lengths of time, and never gets any use, chances are your cover will degrade pretty quickly. The reason is that when you use your hot tub frequently, you’re removing the cover enough so that it has time to dry off; when the cover just sits on top of the tub, it never has any chances to dry out – even if it’s just for a few moments, it helps to actually make sure you remove the cover from time to time.

Monthly cleanings can extend the life

Each month you should take a moment to wipe down the cover with some mild dish detergent. Over time, a film of dirt and grime can accumulate, and even though our covers come with great protection against mildew and other harmful things, there’s no way to completely prevent it from forming. Think about your shower liner and you’ll understand – even though they may say “mildew resistant” a lot of that resistance comes from how well you care for it. After you clean the cover, use a patio furniture cleaner or protectant that has UV protectants which will help preserve the vinyl exterior and prevent cracking. Think of it like a car wash and wax – your car’s paint needs a certain amount of protection against the sun, elements, and contaminants, and so does your spa cover.

Be wary of certain cleaners

One thing we recommend NOT doing is to use a product like Armor All, which can actually damage vinyl despite what the instructions might claim. You do not want to use anything that might strip the vinyl covering, so be sure to test anything you’re about to use on a small area first. There’s a product called “Ultrashine” that works very well, and can be found on many sites. I’m sure you can also find some decent protectants at your local hardware store. After you finish polishing and cleaning the cover, make sure to let it stand upright, preferably in a sunny spot, to dry for a few hours. That will help the cover dry completely and let the vinyl fully seal itself.

Go easy on chlorine

We know that you like clean water, but too much chlorine can damage your cover. Chlorine is a chemical that can eventually wear away at the vinyl and cause discoloration. The same goes for other chemicals you add into the tub water. Of course, if you have a few teenagers who use your hot tub frequently, the trade off might be worth it. It’s common for people to “shock” the water with a heavy treatment of chemicals, and when you do this, be sure to leave the cover off the tub for at least an hour or so.

Use common sense

Obviously, you shouldn’t stand or walk on your cover. Don’t lay on it while staring up at the starry sky above, or let your kids jump on it – even if it can support some weight, it’s probably not a smart thing to do.