10+ DIY Projects to Spice up Your Backyard This Summer


Of course we love having a hot tub in the backyard, but that’s not the only thing back there to attract us. Check out the collection of projects we found below and look for new ways to put your backyard to use. We gathered some of the best DIY tutorials that are both approachable and affordable.

1. Make your own pizza oven

The “Cob” project was started by a couple who didn’t want to spend $7k+ on a true brick pizza oven for their backyard and instead sought to make one using clay, sand and straw.

2. Build a greenhouse with a removable top

Here’s a nifty way to build a greenhouse that’s small enough to occupy any spot in the yard and easy enough to get inside without tearing the roof apart. More information.

3. Convert a washing machine into a firepit

Everyone loves a firepit in the backyard on a cool summer night. The drum inside a washing machine makes for a perfect firepit and this tutorial shows you how to make it into an attractive one as well. More information

4. Build a modern swingset

The kids need something to do in the backyard and what’s better than a swingset to play on? Perhaps a tree house. But if you don’t have either one, you can get started with this relatively easy, and nice looking swingset. More information.

5. Make your own hammock
diy hammock

Nothing says summer like lounging in a comfortable hammock, soaking in the sun rays or cooling off under a large oak tree. This guide shows you how to make your own hammock for next to nothing. More information

6. Make a modern firepit


Maybe the old washer firepit wasn’t your thing and you’re more of a contemporary style. If that’s the case, then check out this modern firepit made with a bit of cement, polished stones and powered by flammable (but safe) gel. More information

7. 15 fresh Spring cocktails for you and friends

If you’re like me, entertaining with friends means supplying some tasty adult beverages for them to consume. If you’re tackling any of these projects, chances are you could use a refreshing cocktail. More information

8. Build a lounge chair from a tree

Most of the DIY furniture we come across involves too many cuts, notches, and tapered pieces for us to feel confident enough to tackle. That’s why we like this simple and functional design for a lounge chair that uses only small diameter logs. More information

9. A DIY wood fired hot tub

Not everyone can afford to lay down a few thousand for a new hot tub, and luckily there are plenty of cheaper alternatives you can use to slow cook yourself. This one relies on a wood fired heat source. Your wife probably won’t allow this monstrosity to plague your backyard, but if you’re interested in learning how to approach this project, this is a good place to begin. More information

10. Build a soothing water fountain

After all these projects that involve mixing cement and making perfectly angled cuts using a tool you probably don’t have, it seemed time to make something easy to help relax. What’s better than the sound of trickling water as you sip on your cocktail while lounging in your tree stump chair? Not much I’d say.

11. DIY lanterns from tin cans

Here’s one more easy project you can tackle if the rest look too daunting. All you need are some old cans, a nail, a candle and some paint.