Parcel Shipping Covers

Actual FedEx Delivery Pictures

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In order to eliminate freight damages during shipment, and to stop requiring our clients to be home for their freight delivery, we designed a cover to ship via parcel carriers like UPS & FedEx. It is made with our Extreme Beam Technology and is the STRONGEST and LIGHTEST cover available today. It is so innovative it was awarded U.S. utility patent US011008769. Because Spa Cover Inc. owns this patent, parcel covers are available only through it’s partners. Simply slide foams in and zip shut to assemble.

From the outside, parcel covers appear no different than traditional legacy covers. All of the differences are in the foam. Besides the nearly damage free shipping and simple delivery, another giant benefit is that your spa cover is now comprised of several components. Should one of the 8 foam panels water log or break, it alone can be replaced simply, quickly and inexpensively.

View roof top installation of a parcel cover that had to fit into an elevator.
View customer letter of recommendation.

Miscellaneous Information

  1. Watch Drop Test – Shows 290 pounds lowered onto the center of a 4″ thick Parcel Cover
  2. View 1.0# density vs 1.5# density vs Parcel Cover with Extreme Beam Testing – Side by side
  3. View Parcel shipping vs. Freight shipping – Comparison Infographic

Assembly Information

Watch 1 minute simple assembly video

Download Detailed Assembly Guide

*** NOTE: EVERY cover is test assembled and zipped closed by our staff before we box and ship to you. It is supposed to be tight, but it will fit. If it does not seem to fit, review the information below before proceeding.

*** COLD ASSEMBLY NOTE: If you are assembling your cover and it is very cold, it will be MUCH easier to work with if you take it inside and assemble on a bed where it is warmer. This will make the vinyl more pliable and supple, therefore much easier to work with.

Assembly Tips & Tricks
  1. Be sure to use a large surface to work on
  2. Be sure not to mix foam pieces from Side A with foam pieces from Side B
  3. When inserting foams, insert them ONLY about half way. Then, place the beam and push the beam so all foams are inserted evenly into the vinyl. Reach under the beam and grab the bottom of the vinyl opening. Pull this while pushing in with the beam. View
  4. Do NOT use the zipper to close the cover. Insure the foams are fully inserted before attempting to zip shut. If you cannot bring the zipper halves together by hand, do NOT attempt to zip closed until you can. Insure the foams are all the way inserted by checking the edge of the cover where the handles are to insure there is no gap between the end of the foams and the vinyl side of the cover.
  5. Be sure the foam is not inserted at an angle, or crooked, with the seams in the vinyl. This will cause the vinyl to be very tight.
  6. The foam can be impeded by the vinyl flaps inside the skin created by the 1/2″ sewing margin. Manually manipulate the seams of the vinyl such that the foam can be slid past these flaps.
  7. The zipper slider/tab will be at one end or the other of the zipper.
  8. Pull the vinyl corners of the zipper panel down and over the corners of the foam before starting to zip the cover shut. View

Assembly troubleshooting tips