Shipping & Delivery

We take pride in offering custom-made covers to fit your particular hot tub. Each one is made in the USA and shipped to your door. 

How long does it take?

The typical time to manufacture your custom spa cover is about 10-14 business days, not counting holidays. Then we arrange delivery with a network of freight providers. Because of the large size, the delivery window varies depending where you live. This can change to 6 weeks or more during the busy season.

We take pride in the longstanding relationship we have with our manufacturer, the production team, and our shipping carrier. Without their help, we can keep costs low for you, the customer.

Your spa cover will arrive in a box that is eight feet by four feet by one foot at least and multiple boxes this size for the larger covers. A typical spa lid will weigh around 45 pounds, but it is the box size that prevents us from being able to use UPS or FedEx to deliver to you. They will not accept any item this size. It is simply too large and bulky for their delivery trucks.

Free delivery spa coverBecause of that, your spa cover will most likely arrive in an 18 wheeler or semi-trailer truck. We ship with nearly all the large common carriers – AAA Cooper, Estes Express, FedEx Freight, R+L, Southeastern, UPS Freight (Overnite), Wilson Freight and Yellow to name a few.

We will email the tracking information to you when your cover ships, so you can track it along the way. Once your cover reaches the freight terminal nearest you, they will phone you to schedule a delivery window. If they are delivering to a residence, they will not attempt delivery without setting an appointment first.

The transit time for your cover will depend largely on the destination address. If your address is considered rural by the freight carrier, they sometimes will hire a local delivery company to deliver from the terminal to your address. The freight companies do not typically deliver on weekends or holidays and local delivery companies may not make deliveries every day to your address. Do not schedule to be home based solely on the tracking information found online. Until your appointment is scheduled, the online information is simply an estimate.