Epic fail: hot tub

It goes without saying that your hot tub should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. That said, there are certain hot tub activities that are better than others; the list of “hot tub follies” below might help you out. And promote some laughs.

DON’T: Do a faceplant while exiting

If you’ve done too much hanging out in the tub, you muscles will be nice and relaxed and won’t work as fast as your brain would want them to. If your body is in a deep state of tranquility, perhaps from some beers while in there, be super careful when exiting! Your gracefulness will not be so apparent if you follow this guy’s lead.

Speaking of drinking, we all know how fun it is to bring a sixer out there and imbibe a little bit. Did you know that the circulation of your blood speeds up in a hot tub,and you actually get a bit drunker? Well, take this example below as proof of that. Your motor skills won’t be so sharp once you exit the tub. Or enter in this case.

So lesson for today is be careful when drinking around your hot tub!