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Hot Tub Hammock Will Make You The Coolest Camper Around

Obviously we love hot tubs here. Who doesn’t? It’s tough to beat the relaxation they offer, the soothing warmth, and the general appeal of saying to your friends, “hey let’s jump in the hot tub!”. Over the years we’ve seen a few interesting spin offs, from the floating hot tub boats, to the portable camping […]

In the news – the hot tub tug jacuzzi “boat”

Every so often, we come across a news story that’s loosely related to hot tubs, and which doesn’t involve some tragedy. We like happy stories, like ones about hot tubs filled with wine, cooking sous-vide in the water, or even about the therapeutic benefits. So when we learned of a hot tub tugboat created by […]

Real world cover problems & solutions

It’s been a little while since we highlighted some of our favorite tweets about hot tub covers. We’re always amazed by the creative uses, mishaps, and events that occur surrounding the product we sell. Without further adieu, here we go: 1. First up, we have Scotty Kolb, who had a serious blond moment trying to […]

Midwest tornadoes wreak havoc on spa covers

This past weekend, news reports were filled with stories about the wind storms and tornadoes that swept across the Midwest. In addition to the massive destruction caused to houses and other property, we can usually find some mildly amusing stories of hot tub covers that flew away only to be found in the neighbor’s yard, […]

This week in cover #fail

Another week or so has passed, and it means that we have a new set of hot tub cover mishaps. Ally writes, “hahaha the hot tub cover chipped my tooth tonight!” ( and doesn’t seem to upset about it. She takes it in stride, posting another response saying, “I actually can’t believe that happened hahahah, […]

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