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Man floats television down river on a spa cover barge

We come across some pretty random things on the social networks, especially twitter, where people seem to always be battling with aggressive hot tub covers that smash them in the face, or dealing with storms where their cover blows off and crashes through the neighbor’s fence. But this is a first for us – check […]

The lighter side of hot tubbing

Sometimes we come across some funny things having to do with hot tubs online. From random questions and answers, to videos, we see all sorts of great things that make us laugh. For example, there seem to be several people concerned about getting pregnant in the hot tub. Not that we promote promiscuous activity in […]

This week in social media

We find a lot of interesting posts related to hot tub covers in our social media channels. Some are funny, others are worrisome, and a whole bunch of them are random. There seems to be a running theme of animals on covers, injuries from opening or closing them, and storms that rip the things right […]

Understanding Foam Density and Thickness

cover thickness e

Two primary choices consumers make when buying a spa cover center around the thickness and foam density. In general, a thick foam core offers greater insulation, and a denser foam adds strength. Let’s simplify that one more time – thickness equals insulation, and density makes a cover stronger, able to withstand more weight on top […]

6 Steps to Build your Own Spa Spot

seaotter wood hot tub

Looking to install a hot tub in your home or backyard? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as a couple of simple purchases. Before you make the commitment, look through the following list and decide whether or not you’re prepared for such a major home addition. Permits Depending on where you live, you might need a […]

Real world cover problems & solutions

It’s been a little while since we highlighted some of our favorite tweets about hot tub covers. We’re always amazed by the creative uses, mishaps, and events that occur surrounding the product we sell. Without further adieu, here we go: 1. First up, we have Scotty Kolb, who had a serious blond moment trying to […]

Midwest tornadoes wreak havoc on spa covers

This past weekend, news reports were filled with stories about the wind storms and tornadoes that swept across the Midwest. In addition to the massive destruction caused to houses and other property, we can usually find some mildly amusing stories of hot tub covers that flew away only to be found in the neighbor’s yard, […]

Redneck ingenuity and more in this week’s roundup

#1 Best hot tub cover ever? We think so. For low-flying aircraft, or kids who might be bouncing on the trampoline, this cover provides a cheeky image that’s a throwback to the 1990’s Super Mario-era that’s inside us all. #2 – The beer tub I’m not sure how they created this ultra-luxurious tub, but I […]

This week in cover #fail

Another week or so has passed, and it means that we have a new set of hot tub cover mishaps. Ally writes, “hahaha the hot tub cover chipped my tooth tonight!” ( and doesn’t seem to upset about it. She takes it in stride, posting another response saying, “I actually can’t believe that happened hahahah, […]

Got an amazing pool, spa, or hot tub? Submit to the ASPS!

In the past, we have blogged about some amazing hot tub and spa designs. Of course, pools probably have a more ubiquitous presence in the country, and get a bit more attention when it comes to design and aesthetics. Pools after all often have extravagant rock features, waterslides, waterfalls, lagoons, and much more. The ASPS […]

Flying hot tub covers in this week’s #fail

This past week it seems like more than a few areas of the country were hit with pretty high winds. Even in CA, where I live, we had an unusual departure from the normally sunny and warm skies. A strange movement in the air made leaves rustle, and brought a colder chill to the air […]