Jacuzzi covers that make sense

Every week we get customers calling to order a new cover for a jacuzzi they just got for free. Jacuzzi’s and spas cost a good chunk of change, so you want to make sure you get a cover that protects it and functions well. One can easily drop a few grand on a new jacuzzi. When you first get your new spa you use it everyday. Your friends want to come to your place to hang out, because you have the jacuzzi, and they don’t You go to work with a smile on your face because you know that no matter what hits you, by tonight you?ll be soaking it away.

Then why, if this is so great, would anyone end up giving it away? And as it is leaving say, ?The jacuzzi works great it just needs a new cover.? I hear it all the time. In my mind, you might as well sell your car because it needs new tires. After Years of hearing these words I began to investigate the source of this change.

And yet slowly but surely, the following starts to happen. When you first get the jacuzzi you use it religiously. It becomes a part of your regular routine, a daily dose of awesome. As time passes, the job becomes harder, less awesome. The reason is that cover that came with the spa begins to get heavy, soaked full of water. It does it so slowly that you don’t even notice. You start to scratch your head and wonder why the water’s not as warm, and how heavy can this dang cover actually get?

What do you do? Most people get in their car and go back to the place they bought their jacuzzi from. What does the spa dealer say “Well, yes the cover that came with the jacuzzi is our low end model. They always get soaked, it’s pretty common. But you’re in luck because we have this new one with a special wrapper, a double sealed moisture blocker. Buy this one and your trouble will be gone.” You may even head home with a spa cover lifter because it all makes sense. The thing is, the same thing will probably happen with that cover too. And the lifter will just be clutter.

By the time you reach this point, you probably have had the jacuzzi a few years. Like others, you probably put off buying a new cover for the jacuzzi as well. The struggle to get into it has outweighed the value of the stress relieved. Soon the electric bills seem to outweigh the benefits even more. You can’t remember the last time you went in it. It becomes a lawn ornament, or a place to stack your things. As you put it up for sale on Craigslist, you write “just needs a new cover!” Well, that’s probably true, and we can get you one for less.