Choosing a spa cover by geographic region

We get orders for hot tub covers from all over the country. Depending on where you live, you might enjoy your hot tub in Los Angeles during the evening as the temperature cools, or in the afternoon in Oregon after a day of skiing. With so many different climates, conditions, and settings, it helps to understand which cover will work best for where you live.

The top states where people buy replacement spa covers:

  1. Denver
  2. Seattle
  3. Phoenix
  4. Seattle
  5. San Francisco
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Minneapolis
  8. Chicago
  9. Atlanta
  10. Dallas

Looking at the list above, it’s clear there’s a broad range of places where people seem to have hot tubs, and need replacement covers. Let’s look at the different regions, and make some suggestions about what sort of cover might best suit those who live in each one.

The Pacific Northwest – Oregon and Washington

People living in Washington and Oregon are pretty used to a range of weather – from cold and rainy Springs to frosty winters, and hot summers – they get a little bit of everything. But one thing’s for sure – they get plenty of rain. So if you have a cover that’s exposed to the elements in this area, we suggest going with at least the 5″ – 3″ Better cover, and adding a few optional upgrades to ensure your cover remains intact and efficient over time. If you want the best protection, opt for the 5 mil. “Big Blue” barrier wrap, which provides an extra-thick layer on the outside of the cover, protecting it from tears, waterlogging, and other damage. If your cover will be supporting a lot of snow, then double the strength of the core and choose the 2.0# option during ordering.

California – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento areas

California brings with it an entirely different climate than its neighbors to the north. They have deserts, beaches, mountains, and a range of temperatures and weather conditions. For those living in Orange County or Los Angeles, where the weather is fairly warm, most people like to indulge in their spa during the cooler evening periods. Since there’s not much rain there, we suggest the Basic 4″ – 2″ cover, which should provide good protection against mild elements and still insulate your hot tub well enough. Many people have an indoor spa; in that case, you should opt for the “Flat non-tapered” cover option during the ordering process. This type of cover doesn’t have a taper, and doesn’t need to repel water since it’s designed to be inside.

For San Francisco residents, where the “coldest winters are in the Summer” according to Mark Twain, a medium thickness cover like our 5″ – 3″ Better model should do the trick. This cover is designed to be rugged enough to protect against most conditions. For those of you living in Sacramento, or north towards Tahoe, the 6″ – 4″ Ultra cover may be your best choice. This cover offers the ultimate in protection and insulation. If it snows a lot where you live, be sure to upgrade your vinyl to the Big Blue wrap, and we suggest increasing the core strength to the 2.0# foam, which not only strengthens the cover, but also helps insulate the water better.

The Midwest – Colorado, Utah, and Idaho

Much like the conditions in California, the Midwest receives a wide range of weather. From hurricanes and blizzards to dry spells and rain, they get it all. Denver seems to be a popular area for hot tub covers, and this is probably for two reasons; it’s a fairly developed and outdoorsy area, and it’s near the mountains. Ask anyone who’s into skiing and outdoor activity, and they’ll probably tell you how nice it feels to take a dip in the spa after a long day. Again, if you intend for the replacement spa cover to fit your spa in your mountain vacation home at Vail or Breckenridge, you’re going to need the thickest and most durable one to stand up against the elements. For those of you living in the valley, outside the colder mountains, the Basic or Better covers will probably be OK.

The Southwest – Arizona & New Mexico

When you think of these places, the first word that comes to mind is “hot” so why on earth do they have hot tubs? Well, the air cools off at night and by then, the idea of taking a relaxing dip in a spa probably sounds great. Plus, there are some mountains in these states, and well-known ski areas, with plenty of vacation homes – which are always popular places to have a hot tub. Depending on where you live in these states, you can probably either go with the Basic cover or the Ultra model.

Do you have any questions about which cover you should order? Let us know in the comments below, or shoot us a message and we’ll respond right away.