Cheap hot tub covers – Form or Function?

Cheap spa cover
This spa cover is sagging and waterlogged - the result of poor manufacturing. Our covers come with extra thick vinyl layering, and numerous options to increase their strength and durability.

A Hot tub cover is a crucial piece of equipment that shields the spa from the outside elements while keeping the water in the perfect conditions for a good relaxing experience. You can find a good, cheap hot tub cover that keeps your water warm, and your electricity bills low. You ought to be aware that a good cover will last you at least four years, and much longer depending on where it’s kept.

Nowadays, hot tub covers are easily customized and you could make your own to the specifications you want using an online vendor. One of these critical options is the tapered top which keeps the outside water like rain from accumulating over the cover. If too much water ends up sitting on top of the cover, you’ll need to replace your hot tub cover much sooner. If this happens it will promote fungus growth and damage to the foamed part which provides the strength of the cover. The strength needed varies depending of the type of hot tub, one that its installed at ground level will need a lot of strength as it will get occasionally step on.

Two options that you should think about are the continuous hinge seal and also the steam stopper, which each aide in reducing the amount of water vapor that escapes through your hot tub cover. The continuous hinge seal runs the length of the fold, and where there would otherwise be a small area left without padding, so the cover can split and open, there’s a nifty little seal that protects it. The steam stopper pillows do the same thing, but at the edge of the cover.

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A cheap spa cover will have to be constantly replaced which will cost more money, but a good quality top for your spa can be found at cost-effective price points. Our covers start at just $274.99, and they’re the same quality as other top manufacturers. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a low-cost hot tub cover, but when it comes to quality, make sure you opt for the best. We offer a range of options and enhancements so you can build a cover that meets your exact needs. You should also be careful to make precise measurements when buying a new hot tub cover. If you must look for both a cheap spa cover and cheap quality cover, look at the soft style ones, which offer much less protection from the elements or support.

A cover for your hot tub or spa is a wise investment, and not something you should cheap out on. Of course, you can get one for cheap, and as long as it’s from a reputable source, you can safely bet they are coming from similar manufactures and will be qualty products. When shopping for a cheap hot tub cover, you must ensure it will be a perfect fit and also that it will be durable. While you should avoid paying for extra options on your hot tub cover, you should upgrade the most crucial ones so your new hot tub cover will last you a long time. Great offers and discounts may be found if you do a throughout research on many places including online stores.