A hot tub of wine? Only in Japan

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something like this – picture a normal spa, with hot water, only replace the hot water with wine and green tea. Yes, bathing in wine and green tea actually happens in Japan. And I’m kind of jealous.

Japan wine spaHakone, Kanagawa lays host to this unusual practice, which only takes place for a few weeks each year. They allow guests to bath in warm wine, green tea, and coffee grounds among other things, all in the name of better health. We have heard about wine’s benefits, and also how hot tubs can help sooth your aches; now combine them both and I can sort of see how they work in unison to relieve stress.

In addition, they have a nude bathing zone and also a tub full of sake. Perhaps I’m naive, but it seems like they’re just looking for another excuse to drink, take off their clothes, and relax. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.