This week in spa cover #fail

dog eats hot tub cover

We know that dogs seem to especially like using hot tub covers for their personal sunbathing platform. “Raethefeminist” posted this great image on Twitter of her pitbull laying on their cover:

Larissa tweets about their cover falling on her sister’s head – apparently she finds that pretty funny. I imagine she might think otherwise if it fell on her head!

Rae’s pitbull isn’t the only dog that’s enjoying the sunny, warm days on a cover. Here is Alex_Zeto’s little guy, sunbathing on their cover as well:

dog on spa cover
Rae’s pitbull enjoys a sunny day on their spa cover

Unfortunately not everyone’s dog seems to enjoy simply relaxing on their owner’s covers. As FForensics writes, their staffie x pitbull mix ate their jacuzzi cover, and perhaps some of their wardrobe.

dog eats hot tub cover
Dogs seem to enjoy the flavor of hot tub covers

And perhaps one of the most random tweets yet comes from JHarrissss, who writes “Two pidgeons having sex on our hot tub cover hahahaha” which is certainly one of the funnier ones we have read lately.

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