This week in hot tub mishaps


We’re going to start a new column here, based on the collective mishaps surrounding hot tub covers, their owners, and the surroundings they’re in. Almost every day it seems like we read some funny, shocking, and slightly weird tweets from around the country from people whose cover flew off and landed in the neighbor’s living room, was chewed up by a dog, or the final resting place for some amphibians. Enjoy.

Let’s start with ZoeMorrow1, who’s tweet read “Never felt so sick.. We found a dead frog on top of our hot tub cover.” You can see for yourself here.

It seems like a lot of people have trouble keeping the cover on their hot tub. Take Lynusryan for example, who posted this message:

Hey mom found our hot tub cover in the forrest

With this lovely picture accompanying her tweet:


Lesson? Use those tie down straps! It seems like everyone’s cover has blown off. Twitter user Ayla Storie wrote “Haha hahaha the weather blew our hot tub cover right off” and this lovely reminder from Adam Buehner that you should probably completely remove the cover when you’re in the tub, rather than risk a head injury:” definitely fuckin hot tub cover knocked my ass out one time when we were sitting in it”.

Stay tuned until next week, when we reveal more adventures in owning a spa cover.