Prepping your spa cover for winter

Winter is by far the most damaging period of the year for spa covers. The good news is that with a small amount of preparation, you can prevent a lot of the common things that damage covers. In this article, we’ll cover tips on steps for “winterizing” your hot tub cover that will ensure your investment remains in good condition.
spa cover in snow
Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is run cleaning products through your spa’s system. Start by turning off power to the spa, and draining the water. Most spas include a drain valve, but you may have to use a sump pump or siphon to get all the water out.

If you have a blower motor on the spa, be sure to purge water from it. To do this, disconnect the heater and water pumps, and turn the power back on. The blower will run for 15-30 seconds and after this is done, you can turn it off and again unplug the spa.

Step 2 – Remove the filters. While you’re at it, you should clean the filters to ensure you water stays clean as possible. Use a special soak or spray meant for cleaning filters, and then set them aside to dry completely. Also make sure you empty water from the filter canister.

Step 3 – Finish draining. Make sure all fittings are loose, and look for hte two unions on the heater and pump(s). Some pumps include a drain plug, so be sure to check there to completely drain the water. At this point, you can employ a little trick if you have a wet-dry vacuum. In order to completely remove water from the plumbing, turn the wet-dry vac to blowing mode and use it to force air through the jets. Go around the spa and make sure you give each jet a good purge.

Protect your cover by "winterizing" it for the cold months.
Protect your cover by “winterizing” it for the cold months.
Step 4 – Now that your spa is clear of all the old water, and your filters are clean, you can focus on the surfaces. With a non-foaming cleanser, go over the exterior of your spa and wipe all surfaces down. If you have wax handy (car wax is fine) you can apply a layer to the tub. DO NOT use antifreeze, or any silicon-based cleaner. Antifreeze will often leave a film that’s hard to remove, and silicon may damage the exterior of the vinyl cover.

These simple steps can be done in under and hour. Every November or December take a moment to clean your tub, and you’ll be rewarded with years of solid performance.