Flying hot tub covers in this week’s #fail

This past week it seems like more than a few areas of the country were hit with pretty high winds. Even in CA, where I live, we had an unusual departure from the normally sunny and warm skies. A strange movement in the air made leaves rustle, and brought a colder chill to the air than normal – turns out, there were some high winds from California to the midwest, and beyond. For hot tub covers, high winds often result in displacement…like into the neighbor’s yard, the woods, or down the street.

Utedaddy writes:
“So with “wind-mageddon” coming I say my fence, deck and hot tub cover are toast. Probably what’s left of my gutters as well.” (

“The hot tub cover just blew half way open in the wind… #weird”

Tori Gibbs had a hard time sleeping:
“Haha I just woke up because my hot tub cover like flew off and I’m wearing a tank top so I can’t go out and fix it!”

Marissa also got quite a scare:
“When your hot tub cover flips open and scares the shit out of you and your sister #wtf #scaredforlife”

Seems like a lot of people had some incident involving their cover flying off suddenly. I’m wondering if they use tie down straps, which would probably go a long way in preventing these sorts of things from happening. We provide four tie down straps on our covers, with an option to add four more for a total of eight. With that many straps holding things down, you can bet your cover will stay closed even in a big wind storm.