Redneck ingenuity and more in this week’s roundup

#1 Best hot tub cover ever? We think so.
video game hot tub cover
For low-flying aircraft, or kids who might be bouncing on the trampoline, this cover provides a cheeky image that’s a throwback to the 1990’s Super Mario-era that’s inside us all.

#2 – The beer tub
I’m not sure how they created this ultra-luxurious tub, but I bet they used the power of alcohol to fuel their creativity. Let’s just hope that they drank the beers in those cases, because they’re not the best things to use for insulating. I think the R-value is somewhere around .06 to .08 depending on how much you use.

#3 – Redneck ingenuity
Seems like rednecks are pretty good at figuring out alternative uses for common things, or pieces of trash, that us normal folks use for “normal” purposes. For example, just pull your CAT backhoe right next to a bonfire and set that dump about one or two feet above the flames for optimal heat distribution. Fill with water, wait a few minutes, and then hop in!

And let’s not leave this guy out, he obviously knows a thing or two about enjoying life.