This week in cover #fail

Another week or so has passed, and it means that we have a new set of hot tub cover mishaps.

Ally writes, “hahaha the hot tub cover chipped my tooth tonight!” ( and doesn’t seem to upset about it. She takes it in stride, posting another response saying, “I actually can’t believe that happened hahahah, I mean of course the hot tub cover flies off nailing me right in the mouth. My luck lololol” – what can we learn here? Use those tie down straps, and get a cover lifter! When the wind is blowing, your spa cover acts like a big heavy sail, and can move very fast.

It also seems like a lot of people struggle with getting their covers on or off – and often injure themselves in the process. I think a good many people don’t have cover lifters, which is fine – but as hannahjoy11 writes: ( “Trying to put a hot tub cover on by yourself… #thestruggle

@haleyhutch7 writes: “Biggest challenge of my life!! Putting on a hot tub cover.. Something must of been wrong with us”

Maddieboyd11 wrote “broke my shins getting the hot tub cover on after it fell off. I got it back on then it flew on top on me. Time to call the cute neighbor.”(

It also seems like a very popular place to lay down, enjoy a beer, and do some stargazing – or just relax, as these folks expressed:

“Throwback country and laying on top of my hot tub cover in the sun after riding >>>” (

“Chillin on top of the hot tub cover this shit is about to concave” (

And Alyssa writes, “I’m laying out on my hot tub cover and just saw 3 meteors and 2 shooting stars #obsessed”

Can’t blame her for wanting to watch the recent meteor shower! Be careful out there folks. Lots of flying covers lately, and we don’t need any more cover-related injuries.



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