Midwest tornadoes wreak havoc on spa covers

This past weekend, news reports were filled with stories about the wind storms and tornadoes that swept across the Midwest. In addition to the massive destruction caused to houses and other property, we can usually find some mildly amusing stories of hot tub covers that flew away only to be found in the neighbor’s yard, or a nearby tree.

Twitter user Mark Taylor (@addtaylor) posted this picture:

blown away spa cover
Hot tub cover blown into a tree

It looks as if their cover blew off the tub, and upwards into a tree – no short distance either! It looks like that tree is about a hundred feet away.

Another user on Twitter posted this photo showing the destruction caused by their cover as it flew off, and crashed through their fence:

flying spa covers
This cover blew off the tub and smashed through a nearby fence.

And while those people at least could find where their cover had flown to, poor Emily was left with fewer clues. Time to make some “Missing: Hot tub cover” flyer to canvas the neighborhood.


We recommend using your tie down straps, and if possible order the additional four extras when building your next cover!