DIY Hot Tub Cover Projects

Who doesn’t like to save a little money by doing things themselves? From basic car repair to minor household improvements, DIY projects bring a sense of ownership and pride that doesn’t often come with purchasing the same product or paying someone else to do it. With that in mind, we gathered a few of our favorite “do it yourself” projects for hot tubs.

1. The DIY cover lifter

Here’s an excellent video outlining how to make your own cover lifter for your spa cover. It uses PVC pipe and a little ingenuity, and is very approachable.

2. Makeshift covers

diy hot tub cover

Perhaps you don’t have the money to replace your spa cover, but you need something to prevent leaves, debris, and small children from falling into it. You can make your own cover using a number of different materials. Chris Maeder outlines how to build your own for $100 in this article, using plywood, door hinges, and some thick foam.

3. The Solar Hot Tub


Today’s eco-friendly consumers often want to use products that help conserve energy. Unfortunately, hot tubs require a good amount of electricity to keep the water hot enough to be enjoyable. That is, unless you use a solar powered heater to keep yours warm.  If you don’t mind laying a few solar panels around your hot tub, you could follow the instructions outlined in this post, which includes seven DIY solar powered projects.