Link roundup: Reinforcing your deck for a spa + hot tub etiquette

Once in a while we find some pretty decent articles around the web that provide useful information that goes beyond the usual “Should I replace my hot tub cover” crap. We gathered a few of our recent favorites to share with you.

The Dos and Don’ts of Hot Tub Etiquette

This gem comes from “How to grow a moustache” website, an interesting site in itself that’s certainly worth exploring beyond this article. But they posted a funny article that outlines a few things you should definitely not do while enjoying a soak in your spa.


Here’s a quick example:

It’s not a pool

This one seems quite obvious but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that jump or dive into hot tubs. Not only do they risk hurting themselves in what is actually quite shallow water, but they also risk hurting the people who are already in the tub

Read more suggestions, including ways to keep it clean, which include banning both your hairy Golden Retriever in the tub and your smelly hippy friend who doesn’t shower.

How to reinforce your deck for a spa/hot tub

Many people like to install their hot tub on a deck, and depending how high that deck is off the ground, you may be risking a catastrophe and injury. Most decks are rated to hold a certain amount of weight per square foot, and as you may have guessed, a filled hot tub weights quite a bit – about 6000 pounds according to engineers.

In order to support the additional weight, you’ll want to bolster the deck with posts, beams, joists, and fasteners. Skip the duct tape.

I recommend reading the entire 7-step process, which is carefully outlined.