Real world cover problems & solutions

It’s been a little while since we highlighted some of our favorite tweets about hot tub covers. We’re always amazed by the creative uses, mishaps, and events that occur surrounding the product we sell. Without further adieu, here we go:

1. First up, we have Scotty Kolb, who had a serious blond moment trying to figure out how to remove his cover. #blondeproblems?

Twitter   ScottyKolb  I had to google how to get ...


2. We like recycling, and hate to imagine where covers go once they’re retired. Luckily we have a new approach to reusing them as a backdrop for shooting arrows. This one comes care of Monica (who looks pretty good with that bow and arrow):

Twitter   mmonicalee1  So proud of this shot with ...


3. Next up is the young Tysen Lang, whose orneriness almost matches that of Clint Eastwood. Sorry Tysen, but people will never learn how to close your cover, or stay off your grass. Get used to it.

Twitter   tysenlang  When are people gonna realize ...

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