One too many hot tub covers

We hear quite frequently from spa owners who need a new hot tub cover because of hail damage. Regular covers made of foam take a beating when hail or other inclement weather strikes. The foam inside the cover is rigid enough to form a bridge over the spa, however it does not allow for impacts.

Branches, falling debris and large hail will pound the foam with enough force to damage or break the cover. As people who live in areas of heavy hail storms know, anything rigid is going to take a pounding. If you find yourself replacing covers because of this, you might want to look into a better way of covering your spa or hot tub.

What are the options? First you could opt for an Aluminum cover. This would be stronger than a foam filled spa cover, but it could be a little unwieldy because a one piece cover that size would need significant storage space. Not to mention even the slightest wind would make it a very large destructive frisbee.

Another choice is the rolling cover. They are strong, and basically work like a deck cover that you roll on top of the spa. The down side is they tend to collect small debris and allow it to get into the spa. Although they are sturdy, they don’t insulate your tub very well.

You could also opt for a reinforced foam cover. One of the latest developments in this area is to have the foam glued to a board for strength. This type wold handle all but the most severe hail storms. Only two caveats on this type of spa cover, it still will fly in a wind storm and with the added mass it will do serious damage to anything it lands on and it will still eventually become saturated. Once they become too wet, it’s a four person job to lift the cover.

No matter how damaging the storms that pass through your area are, we are sure our covers will survive quite a beating. We have seen our covers last a long time in the most harsh environments. Before you purchase a new hot tub cover, make sure it will be one of the last ones you get, and not a cheap, inferior product that you’ll regret buying.