We realize you want to order a spa cover that meets your requirements and fits correctly. To help ensure your satisfaction, we pulled together some of the most common questions and answers that we get.

Materials & construction

Q: What type of insulation do you use to make your covers?

A: Our spa covers are built using closed cell virgin EPS foam cores. You won’t find any recycled foam or lower grade insulation, as they do not provide the same quality of insulation and heat retention. You can choose to upgrade to a 1.5# or 2.0# core during the ordering process. The “2.0#” number refers to the weight per cubic foot. Denser cores are stronger, but weigh slightly more.

Q: What are the R-values of your cores?

A: The insulation factor known as the “R-value” determines how well your cover will retain heat and prevent loss of insulation. Our covers come in three thicknesses, and the R-value varies depending on your choice. Refer to the table below to find the R-values for each cover thickness and its corresponding core density.

Basic 4″ -2″ Better 5″ – 3″ Ultra 6″ – 4″
1.0# 15.5 19.75 21.65
1.5# 16.75 21 22.75
2.0# 17.25 22.25 24

Q: What sort of vinyl wrapping do you use on your covers?

A: Our covers are protected by 30 oz. Marine Grade vinyl, which has been created for the harsh conditions that boating and awning industries face. This vinyl is extra-durable, and helps prevent any moisture from penetrating the cover. Our vinyl also feature mildew resistant shield, UV protection against fading, and superb stitching to ensure a long life.

Q: What standard features come with your covers?

A: We include a number of enhancements in our covers, standard, at no extra charge to the customer. All covers come standard with:

  • “Steam stopper” pillows at the end of the hinge.
  • Four locking straps. One on each side of the cover.
  • Up to 6″ skirt length for added insulation.
  • Zipper to easily access foam cores.

Q: How much do your covers weigh?

A: This depends on the thickness you choose and the density of the foam core. For example, our standard 4″ – 2″ cover with 1.0# core weights just about 35 lbs. With a 1.5# core, the weight goes up to 42lbs, and for a 2.0# core it approaches 50 lbs. Our Ultra 6″ thick covers weigh substantially more, and can approach upwards of 100 lbs with 2.0# cores. Of course, some of these weights depend on the size of your cover.

Ordering Procedure

Q. Can I order my hot tub covers with the make and model of my spa?

A. Hot tub manufacturers are constantly modifying their spas and molds. We have templates for hundreds of the most popular hot tub covers, but your measured dimensions are the most accurate and ensure a proper fit to your hot tub! Our customers report EXCELLENT results on the fit of their replacement hot tub covers. Of course, if you know your make and model spa, you can order by brand. If not, then we suggest you choose your cover by shape, and enter the dimensions yourself.

Measuring your cover

Q. Where should I measure?

A. Measure the length and width, AT THE WIDEST POINT. Round up every measurement to the nearest half inch. BE SURE to note where the measurement lines start and end for the hot tub shape you have. The general rule is:  if a cover is a little too big, it will fit fine. If it is a little too small, it won’t be a hot tub cover.

Q. I have areas on my hot tub that are raised. How do I order?

A. We can make hot tub covers with air buttons, head rests, control panels, handles, speaker pockets, etc. that are raised above the lip and require custom cut-outs and recesses. A detailed explanation will be required and an additional charge is necessary. Please contact us for further information on these types of hot tub covers.

Q. Should I measure my old hot tub cover or the hot tub itself?

A. If you like the way your hot tub cover fits, the best thing to do is get a measuring tape and measure the cover. However, if your current cover is warped or damaged in any way, we recommend you measure the hot tub itself. Hot tub covers have a tendency to shrink over time, so measuring the acrylic tub is the best way to get the correct measurements and hot tub covers that fit perfectly.

Q: How do I measure a corner radius?

hot tub cover corner radius
Measure for the corner radius


Q: How will my cover be shipped?

A: We have worked out an agreement with a freight shipping company so that all orders to the lower 48 states are free for you. Most covers are shipped with in 7 days and arrive in under two weeks to your home. You must be present to accept the delivery from the freight truck. To learn more about our policies, visit the Shipping and Returns page.