This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, hereby limited to the scope and duration as follows:


One (1) year warranty on all spa covers with regard to the quality of materials and workmanship.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of our spa cover, should a defect as outlined in this warranty become apparent during the warranty period, as follows:

    • 1. On rare occasions if deemed necessary, the Purchaser may be requested to return the spa cover so a valid claim determination can be made. Depending on the claim, this could be the entire cover including the foam cores or it may be only the exterior vinyl skin without the foam cores. Purchaser must provide the original sales invoice for said spa cover. Spa cover must have been paid in full.


    • 2. We will make a determination on the validity of the claim. For a claim deemed valid, we may choose either to repair or replace the spa cover based on the following pro-rata basis:
      • a) Within the first 365 days from the date of purchase – No charge
      • b) Day 366 through the next 48 months: 1/60th of the current retail price per month since original retail purchase.


    • 3. The repaired or the replacement cover will be delivered to the purchaser within ninety (90) days from receipt of the defective spa cover, if it was deemed necessary. Said shipment to be at Purchaser’s expense.


    • 4. Warranty does not cover improper use or any of the following:
      • a) excessive chlorination of water or splashing of chemicals on spa cover
      • b) chaffing or wearing holes in spa cover by dragging over rough surfaces or storing against sharp objects
      • c) foam breakage is not covered; some examples are: sitting on cover, placing objects on cover’s surface, or walking on spa cover (except walk-on covers)
      • d) torn handles caused by improper use –handles are to be used as a means to open cover and to fasten cover down to spa only—not for use in carrying spa cover
      • e) walk-on covers are designed to hold the weight of two average adults; they are not designed for jumping on, or excessive weight.


  • 5. Repairs or alterations made to spa cover by anyone other than authorized personnel hereby invalidates this warranty or any other warranty whether expressed or implied.

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