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  • Cover shape and measurements

    *NOTE: Any size over 96" needs to be ordered using our custom size order form.
    Need help measuring your corner radius?
    Download and print out corner measuring template
  • Normally, covers fold the largest side in half. To change the fold to the shorter side, the B dimension, select it here.
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  • Choose from these cover colors

    Choose upgrades to increase insulation and extend the life of your cover.

  • vapor barrier spa cover
    Extend the life of your hot tub cover by 12 - 18 months. Most hot tub covers die from waterlogging due to vapor barrier failure from spa chemicals. Your cover will simply last longer!
    The long steam stopper extends across the full length of the hot tub covers fold for maximum insulation & significantly cuts heating bills. Hot tub covers with this upgrade pay for themselves many times over by reducing heating costs.
    See example

  • continuous hinge seal spa cover
  • Add strength and insulation to your cover

    Add strength to support snow, animals, etc. so the foam does not break.
  • This upgrades adds a nylon strap inside the 2 ply vinyl fold/hinge for extra strength when the cover will be hung from a cover lifter.
    See example
  • Exterior modifications

    Add a split in the skirt, and choose where you want handles placed.
    By splitting the skirt at the corners the skirt does not fold underneath the cover when closing and prevents costly heat loss.
    See example
  • Please note anything else you want us to know about making your cover
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Congrats, you made it! Your cover will be handmade to your order specs, right here in the USA! FREE shipping always included (to the lower 48 states)!