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This week in spa cover #fail

dog eats hot tub cover

We know that dogs seem to especially like using hot tub covers for their personal sunbathing platform. “Raethefeminist” posted this great image on Twitter of her pitbull laying on their cover: Larissa tweets about their cover falling on her sister’s head – apparently she finds that pretty funny. I imagine she might think otherwise […]

More amazing hot tub designs

We see a lot of interesting hot tubs here. All sorts of shapes, sizes, and custom-made designs that continually impress. Here’s a custom spa that a guy in Colorado built for himself. He cast the rocks and set them with concrete; apparently the tub is meant to replicate a natural hot spring. I’d say he’s […]

Crazy: Suspending a jacuzzi under a bridge

We came across quite an amazing story the other day. At first, I though it was a gimmick, but upon further inspection, this crew really pulled together quite an amazing feat. They suspended a platform under a bridge, somewhere in France. Then they built a hot tub and filled it with 100 degree water and […]

Complete guide to hot tub care (Infographic)

Our friends at Swim University posted a wonderful infographic recently, explaining what you should do to care for your spa cover. They lay everything out very nice and clear, with some excellent tips and explanations about how to best care for your hot tub cover. A Complete Guide to hot tub care Swim University

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