Pain relief benefits of spas

As the Fall season fast approaches, people start using their hot tubs more frequently. One of the main reasons people use them is because they have pain issues; from back pain to shoulders to legs and other muscles as well. Americans spend incredible amounts of money each year on remedies for their pain and aches. A visit to the doctor will likely bring prescriptions, requirements for physical therapy, and follow-up appointments. None of which seem very fun.

However, your hot tub can be a great source of pain management, and they are well-known for their healing properties. Heat is one reason. As jets push warm water against your body, it helps to loosen tight muscles, relieve cramps, and increase blood flow to areas that need it. While most doctors won’t prescribe you a new hot tub, they would probably recommend using one if you already own one or have access to one at your health club.

When you’re in the market for a new hot tub, and you want one that will provide the best health benefits, be sure to look for things like jet placement and numbers. More jets equals more relief, and some hot tubs simply don’t offer the same amount of them. A good one will have nice seats that you can relax in comfortably while enjoying the benefits of your soak. Among the benefits of soaking in your warm tub, you’ll find relief for:

  • back pain – having jets pushing warm water against your muscles acts like a massage
  • arthritis – stiff muscles and joints benefit from massaging water and your body weight is decreased in water, which means less pressure on joints
  • sleep problems – a relaxing soak can bring great benefits to your peace of mind and promotes restfulness
  • sore muscles and cramps – just like a massage can help your back pain, so can a warm hot tub, as it smooths your muscles
  • increased blood flow – the warm water helps speed up your blood flow, which in turn delivers more oxygen to your aching muscles

So if you’re experiencing discomfort and pain, ask your doctor how you might benefit from using a hot tub for therapy.