More amazing hot tub designs

We see a lot of interesting hot tubs here. All sorts of shapes, sizes, and custom-made designs that continually impress.

Here’s a custom spa that a guy in Colorado built for himself. He cast the rocks and set them with concrete; apparently the tub is meant to replicate a natural hot spring. I’d say he’s done a pretty good job of accomplishing that. After a long day of skiing, who wouldn’t want to sip on a beer and soak in this baby?

We see lots of custom wood spas, but this one is exceptionally nice. Bullfrog spas has capitalized on these styles of wood hot tubs, but this one is on an entirely new level.

We previously reported on a hot tub steamboat, and I thought that was the first of its kind. Nope. Who knew there was a business around floating, maneuverable hot tubs? As this picture shows, a company called “Hot Tub Boats” – original, I know – has been making them, and rents them to people who want to float around on a river. Can’t say it doesn’t look fun!

hot tub boat