Got an amazing pool, spa, or hot tub? Submit to the ASPS!

In the past, we have blogged about some amazing hot tub and spa designs. Of course, pools probably have a more ubiquitous presence in the country, and get a bit more attention when it comes to design and aesthetics. Pools after all often have extravagant rock features, waterslides, waterfalls, lagoons, and much more. The ASPS (American Spa Pool Safety) organization is preparing their annual contest where they invite users to submit photos of pools or spas with amazing features, impressive designs, and overall beautiful aspects. The winner gets recognized on their site, and can obviously use this award to market their services. They have just launched a new website, where they feature a number of resources for pool/spa owners in the “Buyers and Owners” section. You can visit the new site at

In addition, the contest provides a glimpse at some really impressive designs. In the meantime, you can always find our blog posts on the subject.