Taking the pain out of replacing your spa cover

Owning a hot tub is great, but maintaining it, not so much. We understand what’s involved in making sure your hot tub stays hot, and one of the most important ways to ensure your electric bill stays low and your water temps high is to use a durable, well-made cover. We have been making hot tub covers for 20+ years and started selling them online in 2010. Since then we’ve sold thousands, and take pride in making sure every customer gets exactly what they ordered.

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  • This is a good cover choice for mild climates.
  • 4″ to 2″ taper
  • Perfect for those looking for the best deal
  • 12+ colors, and many add-ons available
  • Weight: approx 35 lbs.


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  • 5″ to 3″ taper
  • Our best selling cover, good for all weather and climates.
  • Offers great insulation and strength, especially with upgraded foam cores.
  • 12+ colors, and many add-ons available
  • Weight: approx. 55 lbs


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  • 6″ to 4″ taper
  • Our thickest cover, works best in outdoor conditions where exposed to rain and snow.
  • Offers superior insulation and load strength.
  • 12+ colors, and many add-ons available
  • Weight: approx 65 lbs


FREE shipping

American-made and hand-built with care

Our covers are made here in the USA, and manufactured with 20+ years of experience. Our standards are high, and we strive to bring you excellent service. We’re here from the moment you have a question during ordering, until you receive the phone call announcing delivery of the new cover at your house.

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What our customers are saying:

“I reviewed my hot tub cover on rateitall, but forgot to mention how quickly the covers were constructed and shipped. Another plus! I was so pleased with this company, that I referred the company to my mother-in-law as well and she ordered her cover from them too. Now, one must always stay in good standing with the “in-laws” so you must know that if I referred the hot tub covers to her, they MUST be a good company, right? My (and her) covers were well-made, beautiful, we had great color choices, size and shape choices. We received confirmation and update emails throughout the process. When the time comes for a new cover, I will definitely use Hot Tub Cover Depot again!”
– Dolores Crute (source)

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We make custom covers for any application. Whatever brand spa or hot tub you own, we can make a replacement spa cover that fits right. We have dimensions on hand for a variety of major spa manufacturers like Marquis, Vita Spa, Tiger River, Jacuzzi, Sundance, Caldera, Hot Springs, Jacuzzi, Beachcomber and more.

If the time has come for you to replace your spa cover, then you’re at the right place. We sell one thing only – brand new hot tub covers. Choose from major brands like Sundance, and more, or pick from popular shapes such as square, round, or square/rectangle with round corners. Every order includes free shipping, and we are happy to assist you with the ordering process. Give us a call at 530-213-3768.

Why Hot Tub Cover Depot?

If you want a factory-direct, discount hot tub cover, you’re at the right place. You can choose from our Standard 4″ – 2″ or Deluxe 6″ – 4″ hot tub covers. The only difference is in the thickness. Every cover is made to order, direct from the factory, here in the USA. You can design your own cover with our site, and choose from a variety of options and enhancements to ensure you get exactly what you want. Nobody else offers the wide range of upgrades and customizations that we do.

Choosing your spa cover:

Your source for quality replacement covers for all sizes and shapes. You’ll get:

  • 5 year warranty
  • UL Approved ASTM F 1346-91 for safety
  • Fast FREE shipping – most orders are sent in 7 days
  • 20 years of experience making hot tub covers
  • Fantastic customer service when ordering your cover

We make it easy to order. You can buy your cover by choosing the shape, or select a cover based on your spa brand. If you don’t know the measurements, or simply want to double-check your own, you can visit our manufacturer measurements page. No matter what your budget, we can accommodate you.

Hot tub covers at discount prices

At Hot Tub Cover Depot, we make the ordering process simple.  Always start by taking accurate measurements (see our tips page) and selecting the correct shape spa. Then you can use our ordering process to build the cover along the exact specifications you require. We can make custom hot tub covers too, so if you have an odd-shaped spa or need something done that you don’t see listed in the options area, just ask and we’ll be happy to advise. Build your cover

Increased cover durability and strength

Typically, you don’t want your spa cover to bear heavy loads of snow, or kids on top of it. However, you can increase the strength by increasing the foam density of the foam in the cover. Our covers come with a standard 1.0# foam which can be upgraded to 2.0# for added strength. Thicker foam cores increase your cover’s strength, and allows greater abuse before the foam will crack and fail.

Better insulation

Extend the life of your hot tub cover by 12 – 18 months with our double thick vapor barrier wrap. Most covers suffer from excessive waterlogging due to vapor barrier failure. This failure will happen eventually to every cover due to decomposition from spa chemicals, ozonators, etc. Added thickness slows down this degradation.

Three different sizes

Upgrading your cover thickness can also be a huge energy-saver. A 6″ – 4″ cover with 1.0 pound foam has a higher R-value (insulating factor) than a higher priced 5″ – 3″ cover with 2.0 pound foam. Our standard 4″ – 2″ will also do very well in most climates, however a cover that’s exposed to harsher winter conditions would surely benefit from the deluxe cover.

 Buy direct and save

With our guarantee, you can rest assured that our spa covers are the best quality at the cheapest price. We make it easy for you to get the right hot tub covers direct from the manufacturer so you can save big.

Reduce heating costs

The continuous hinge seal extends the full length of the fold for maximum insulation and significantly cuts heating bills, compared to ones with standard steam stopper pillows. Customers report the snow no longer melts above the fold on their lids! This upgrade pays for itself many times over by reducing operating costs for the time you own it.

A snug cover saves on energy

SPLIT CORNER SKIRTS allow the cover to close more easily so you do not have to walk around to each corner to make sure the skirt is not stuck underneath the hot tub lid when it was closed. By splitting the skirt at the corners, the skirt does not fold underneath the cover when closing and prevents costly heat loss.

  • A waterlogged hot tub cover doesn’t insulate heat very well.
  • Bacteria thrives in waterlogged hot tub covers, and can promote diseases like Legionairre’s Disease
  • The lack of insulation causes your heater to work overtime, and runs your bills up.
  • Most hot tub covers need replaced because they are waterlogged


Download our printable measuring template

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